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Coaching Explosive Speed Online Course - $AUD242.00

A World Class Educational Environment Created by an Internationally Acclaimed Presenter and Athlete.

Within this course you receive:

• Course Welcome video file
• Course Manual (Instructions for completion and all theory presentations)
• Coaching Speed Module (recorded webinar, practical video files and 15 Question quiz)
• Linear Speed Module (recorded webinar, practical video files and 15 Question quiz)
• Multi-directional Speed Module (recorded webinar, practical video files and 15 Question quiz)
• Speed Physicality Module (recorded webinar, practical video files and 15 Question quiz)
• Linear Speed Practical session
• Multi-directional Practical Session
• Practical Self-Assessment Performance criteria guide.

Video Presentation

Each of the 4 modules is presented visually including real world examples and applications of the source material. You will feel like you are in your own classroom and Ranell is your personal tutor. You can easily rewind important information or replay at your leisure to ensure that your learning environment is at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home. You can also download the videos to your desktop computer for transfer to your tablet or smart phone .


Online Practical Workshop

Ranell has created an incredible Explosive Speed Practical Workshop for you to complete in your own time . This is the perfect complement to the theory module presentations, it includes two x one hour sessions (Linear Speed and Multi-directional Speed) as well as a detailed Performance assessment guide. Upon successful completion you will have the ability to demonstrate and assess athletes technical performance across world leading speed drills.


Personal Course Manual

You will be provided (via download) with the Course Manual which includes all slides from the video presentation as well as space for you to write comments and/or take notes next to each image. This manual is yours to keep and will become an incredibly valuable resource that you will enjoy referring to throughout your coaching career.

Module Information

Module 1 : Coaching Sport Speed

• The importance of speed in sport
• That coaches should be focussed on educating athletes
• How to use your athletes Warm up as an everyday Assessment tool
• What exercises to use to remedy gaps in movement competencies
• The importance of speed
• The importance of agility
• Difference between speed and force
• Difference between internal and external cuing
• The importance of technical training in speed
• How to improve the energy efficiency of players
• What sport speed coaching includes
• The pillars of speed (mechanics, body composition and physicality)

Module 2 : Linear Speed

• Specific Linear Speed Terminology
• The pillars of Linear speed
• The importance of Posture
• Difference between Acceleration and Top Speed
• What to look for and How to Coach Acceleration mechanics
• What to look for when coaching linear speed mechanics
• How to coach Foot strike for maximum force delivery
• How to coach Foot recovery for maintenance of front side mechanics
• How to coach the complete Stride Cycle for efficiency and maximum horizontal propulsion
• How to coach max velocity sprinting
• What to look for in the Arm action of athletes
• When and how to use technical drills
• The importance of training top speed in sport field athletes
• The benefits of training top speed in sport field athletes

Module 3 : Multi-Directional Speed

• Multidirectional Speed Terminology
• Pillars of Multidirectional speed
• Difference between COD, Agility & Manoeuvrability
• Coaching COD, Agility & Manoeuvrability
• What contributes to perfect mechanics for COD performance
• Tests for COD, Agility and Manoeuvrability
• Best coaching practice for transition to game
• Example session and drills

Module 4 : Speed Physicality

• Physical Qualities required for explosive speed
• Qualities of Mobility (Joint ROM, Motor Control, Muscle extensibility)
• Anterior pelvic tilt and dysfunction
• Restrictions in joint function and risks to athlete
• How to maximise stretch reflex and elastic qualities
• Benefits of Plyometric training
• Plyometric training progressions
• Need for eccentric strength
• Strength training for speed foundations
• How to develop the athletic Core
• Core Training – Adaptation focus
• Importance of body composition in speed performance

My Skills & Expertise

Having been an athlete, coach and coach educator for over 25 years gives me the unique perspective of having applied my knowledge both on a personal and professional level. Through my courses and webinars I can pass on to you not just book smarts but more importantly what actually works in the real world of athletic development. Through my study and my real-world experience I have developed a strong expertise in all things running and speed development, programming to create strong physiological adaptations and build robust, technically proficient athletes. Let me help you cut through the nonsense and start maximising your athletes performance.


Ranell has worked in all parts of the world at organisations of all major sports - Football, Rugby, Netball, Baseball and Athletics.

A specialist in coach education delivering workshops and full day courses

Ranell is also a WR holding Masters track sprinter and regular Wold Championship medallist in the 60m sprint event.

Industry Respected, Award Winning Coach and Educator

It is always a great honour (and so much fun) to present at conferences both here and overseas. I truly believe we all learn from each other and every event is one of sharing stories and developing strategies to make ourselves as coaches and trainers, and our athletes better.

A little better every day....

I am in a service industry and I am here to serve my clients, build your physical fitness competencies and your emotional confidence. Being recognized by my peers as an expert in my field ensures that, when you are attending one of my webinars or courses or in a face-to-face coaching session, you will always have the most up-to-date researched information and cutting edge techniques that I use myself in my own race preparation.

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Ranell is the current ASCA Performance Development Coach of the Year and an award winning teacher and presenter.

A Masters degree in Sport Coaching and Bachelor in Sport Science and Coaching, NSCA (CSCS), ASCA, ATFCA accredited.

NSCA (CSCS), ASCA, ATFCA accredited.

Ranell’s courses are accredited by the highest associations in the world: ACSA, ESSA, NSCA, ACE, NASM, AFAA. and are sold out worldwide

Ranell is a regular presenter at international conferences to packed audiences.