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Webinars, Courses and Face-to-Face Educational Events

For all your Running needs.

A World Class Educational Environment Created by an Internationally Acclaimed Presenter and Athlete.



Short in time but full of content, these are excellent for those who don't have a lot of time to spend in front of the screen but want to learn tried and true tips from Ranell as quickly as possible.

• Maximising MY athletic performance
• Athletic Nutrition
• Athlete Recovery


Online Courses

Full courses with content that will last a lifetime, these are brilliantly authored to completely cover everything you could ever want to know about the topic. Certified and accredited by governing bodies worldwide, you will love Ranell's delivery and passion for sharing her knowledge with you.

• Coaching Explosive Speed - NOW AVAILABLE !!!
• Maximising Running Performance
• Strength Training For Speed


Face to Face Events

All of Ranell's webinars and courses are available for you to experience in the surroundings of your club's facility , school gymnasium or local training centre. She is often travelling worldwide to deliver the theory and practical components and the content can be tailored to individual sports needs. There is no experience like a face-to-face Ranell educational event on the planet.

Our Skills & Expertise

Having been an athlete, coach and coach educator for over 25 years gives me the unique perspective of having applied my knowledge both on a personal and professional level. Through my courses and webinars I can pass on to you not just book smarts but more importantly what actually works in the real world of athletic development. Through my study and my real-world experience I have developed a strong expertise in all things running and speed development, programming to create strong physiological adaptations and build robust, technically proficient athletes. Let me help you cut through the nonsense and start maximising your athletes performance.


Ranell has worked in all parts of the world at organisations of all major sports - Football, Rugby, Netball, Baseball and Athletics.

A specialist in coach education delivering workshops and full day courses

Ranell is also a WR holding Masters track sprinter and regular Wold Championship medallist in the 60m sprint event.

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Ranell Hobson

The one you always want to see in the coaching or educators role. Ranell's depth of knowledge and ability to translate intricate training methodology into language that everyone in the room will understand, makes her sessions valuable for all. An award winning teacher, world record holding masters sprinter, recipient of the ASCA performance development coach of the year title and with over 30 years coaching experience, there is no one quite like her on the planet. One hour with her as an athlete will convince you, one day with her on a course will change your coaching life.

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Deb Green

Deb has been involved in the Fitness Industry for over 25 years and jumped at the chance to be able to work with Ranell again. She is passionate about working with young emerging athletes and helping them achieve their sporting dreams. Her qualifications are : a Bachelor Degree in Sports Studies, ASCA qualified Lv 1 Strength and Conditioning Coach, ATFCA Lv 1 Athletics Coach, accredited Personal Trainer and she also holds a diploma in Sport and Exercise Nutrition. When not out coaching her own stable of sporting superstars, she will be the one receiving your contact submission form and ensuring that you are immediately placed in the best hands possible for your specific requirements.

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Kip Hobson

The classic +1, hanger on and invite to the party because he knows someone, Kip is the logistics manager of LWR. Basically he puts everything together ie all the behind the scenes work such as travel itineraries and everything necessary to ensure a smooth and trouble free learning experience so that Ranell's only focus is to teach or coach at the designated location. He is the one whom you will be dealing with regarding contracts, schedules and preparatory work. He is also the one you would much rather take to a sports game (Ranell can't help but start analyzing the player's movement competencies).

Industry Respected, Award Winning Coach and Educator

From Ranell....

It is always a great honour (and so much fun) to present at conferences both here and overseas. I truly believe we all learn from each other and every event is one of sharing stories and developing strategies to make ourselves as coaches and trainers, and our athletes better.

A little better every day....

I am in a service industry and I am here to serve my clients, build your physical fitness competencies and your emotional confidence. Being recognized by my peers as an expert in my field ensures that, when you are attending one of my webinars or courses or in a face-to-face coaching session, you will always have the most up-to-date researched information and cutting edge techniques that I use myself in my own race preparation.

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Ranell is the current ASCA Performance Development Coach of the Year and an award winning teacher and presenter.

A Masters degree in Sport Coaching and Bachelor in Sport Science and Coaching, NSCA (CSCS), ASCA, ATFCA accredited.

NSCA (CSCS), ASCA, ATFCA accredited.

Ranell’s courses are accredited by the highest associations in the world: ACSA, ESSA, NSCA, ACE, NASM, AFAA. and are sold out worldwide

Ranell is a regular presenter at international conferences to packed audiences.

Everything you need to have your best run ever is one click away.

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